Following are just a few better known and popular usages of DynamicProxy: Castle Windsor uses proxies to enable its interception capabilities and for typed factories How to implement dynamic proxy without relying on third-party container becomes a problem. This article explains how to use Castle DynamicProxy interceptors for implementing a decoupled logging architecture in C#. Autofac.Extras.DynamicProxy 之所以不能支持Core,主要是因为在源码中没有使用新的反射API, GetTypeInfo 或使用了一些 Remoting 的API导致的。. Continue reading. Many thanks to the contributions by our users. Now let’s implement AOP using Autofac and DynamicProxy. In this article, I will walk you through the Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) concepts in a .NET environment and how to create and attach aspects using Castle DynamicProxy.Before we get started, let me give you a quick intro on AOP and IoC. DynamicProxy generates proxies for your objects that you can use to transparently add or alter behavior to them, provide pre/post processing and many other things. 2.2 引用程序集. 40. 也可以实现动态代理。 需要用到的框架如下: Autofac :提供容器控制 Autofac.Extensions.DependencyInjection :对autofac依赖注入进行扩展 Autofac.Extras.DynamicProxy: 对autofac动态代理进行扩展 Castle.Core :使用动态代理的实现 No need to know the difference between a stub, a mock or a spy, everything's a fake! That definitely makes things a lot harder, as Castle DynamicProxy can only intercept virtual methods. Using Autofac and DynamicProxy. NET Core has its own dependency injection container. This package also adds the packages Autofac and Castle.Core as dependencies, 表題の通りですが、SimpleInjectorでCastle.Core DynamicProxyを適用する拡張ライブラリをNuGetに公開しました。 こんな感じでつかいます。 var container = new Container(); container.InterceptWith
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