2. Gowri Gundaala waterfalls at Sabitham village near Manthani in Peddapalli district. C. S. Niranjan Reddy D. T. Harish Rao Owing to its similarity with the Gidda, a popular Punjabi dance, it … Belly A. Madhava Varma – I B. Madapati Hanumantha Rao b. Pulomavi II The name of this art form is derived from a town called Bidar (currently part of Karnataka) of the erstwhile Hyderabad state. schemes & view latest updates of all Telangana social welfare schemes a b c d Sixth Nizam, Mir Mahbub Ali Khan made generous contribution and the school was renamed Mahboob College High School. [66], The religious makeup of Telangana is about 85.1% Hindu, 12.7% Muslim, and 1.3% Christian, and 0.9% others. The dancers are seldom seen forming a circle, each standing on one leg and supporting themselves by holding on to the dancer in front. List I A. Betaraju-I B. Prola raju-II C. Alwal case The major portion of this collection was acquired by Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan popularly known as Salar Jung III. In 1724, Qamar-ud-din Khan defeated Mubariz Khan to reclaim the Deccan suba, establishing it as an autonomous province of the Mughal empire. 84. Deccan Chargers, a currently defunct franchise from Hyderabad, also won the Indian Premier League once. Manulagutta is renowned as Rajiga ori Rajiga C. Maatalu Muchatlu D. Maata Muchata Explanation: In 1891 AD the Nizam Government issued Gasthi Nishan 53 against the freedom of press, speech and expression. LIST-I                              LIST-II He was a stage artist and acted in movies like Komaram Bheem and Daasi. a) Beta Raju-I b) Prola raju-I Narayana Rao The historic city Golconda in Hyderabad established itself as a diamond trading centre and, until the end of the 19th century, the Golconda market was the primary source of the finest and largest diamonds in the world. Which of the following is correctly matched? Large quantities of cotton were produced for domestic and exports consumption. C. 1,2,4,3 D. 2,1,3,4 Most of the costumes, worn for folk dances, are colorful with extensive jewels and designs. Alikidi is written by Explanation: Chunduru is famous for making huge vessels of brass with carved designs on them. The state is home to a number of institutes, which impart higher education. D. All the above List II (authors) Explanation: Chalukyas constructed Nava Bramha Temples in 6th Century. 1. Which of the following person defeated Prataparudra? Layak Ali Explanation:-It was a research work on Gondi and Koya languages and Gondi (Gujala) Script. A. Thovva B. Nadaka Telangana government schemes 2020 latest news & updates, download PDF list of Telangana govt. The Culture of Telangana in India has a cultural history of about 5,000 years. 1, 2 and 3 B. C. Marana D. Kethana [34], The Telangana Rebellion was a peasant revolt supported by the communists. The annual rainfall is between 900 and 1500 mm in northern Telangana and 700 to 900 mm in southern Telangana, from the southwest monsoons. C 1 2 4 3 Explanation: The fourth world Telugu Conference takes place at Tirupathi. Explanation:Telugu University was established in December 1985 through an Act of Legislation with headquarters at Hyderabad and campuses at Sri Sailam and Rajahmundry. Traditional folk dances of Tamil Nadu include several individual and group forms, some of which are now being practiced not only for their heritage but also for their entertainment quotient. It is a very important source of information about Satavahas. In 2006, Samidi Jagan Reddy, defining Telangana Literary and cultural movement as ‘The Movement of Self Respect’ and cultural renaissance wrote an essay in his book of poetry ‘Ooregimpu’. The Satavahana dynasty (230 BCE to 220 CE) became the dominant power in this region. C. Nawab- Bahadur Yar jung Code: Samala Sadasiva was a Telugu language poet and writer. D) Leelavati parinayam    4.Hala The rains which pounded the State claimed its first casualty on Thursday in the form of the State’s heritage. A. Jai Telangana Party C. 28th March 1923 D. 28th March 1921 Km. Razvi was acquitted in the first two cases but was convicted in the Bibinagar Dacoity case. Hyderabad Public School was established in the year Code The Razakars were a private militia organized by Qasim Razvi to support the rule of Nizam Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII and resist the integration of Hyderabad State into the Dominion of India. providing irrigation. Jetaprolu 4. 14. Most of the costumes, worn for folk dances, are colorful with extensive jewels and designs. Mahaboob College was established in Thereafter, the Northern Circars were governed as part of Madras Presidency until India's independence in 1947, after which the presidency became India's Madras state. D. Telangana Veera-yodhulu Sacred groves provide sanctuary to the local flora and fauna. A popular etymology derives the word "Telangana" from Trilinga desa ("land of three lingas"), a region so called because three important Shaivite shrines were located here: Kaleshwaram, Srisailam and Draksharama. c. a historical monument built in 18 century in Telangana There are many multi-state irrigation projects in development, including Godavari River Basin Irrigation Projects and Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, the world's highest masonry dam. Explanation: Meezam is a historical monument built in 18 century in Telangana, 80. [25] After the decline of the Satavahanas, various dynasties, such as the Vakataka, Vishnukundina, Chalukya, Rashtrakuta and Western Chalukya, ruled the area. c. Hala As of 2019, the state of Telangana is divided into 33 districts. A. Suhrulekha B. Prajnaparamita A. Samidi Jagan Reddy The Sunrisers Hyderabad, an Indian Premier League franchise, is based in Hyderabad and has won the trophy once. Only – I B. Tahniyat Mahal 4. Explanation: First Programme of dhoomdham was organised by RasamayiBalakishan in 2002. d. Rayyat – Borugula Ramakrishna Rao [39] After reorganisation in 1956, the region of Telangana was merged with Andhra State to form Andhra Pradesh. Vijayasanthi Explanation: Jana Dharma, a weekly published from Warangal was the only Telangana paper which supported the 1969 agitation publicly and published news about agitation as well as the explanations of the Government very objectively. 47. A. Allauaddin Qilzi B. Mubarak Qilzi A. It is known by different name in different regions; in Telangana, it … c) Betaraju-II d) Prola raju-II That is Telangana girl .....Chatal dance by girl. C. 6thJune 2011 D. 8th June 2011 Some are included within other protected areas, like Kadalivanam in Nagarjunsagar–Srisailam Tiger Reserve, but most stand alone. Phone Number B. Dr. Madabhushi Sridhar B. Recharla Prasaditya Dhulikatta 102. Dr. ‘Ampasayya’ Naveen won the Sahitya Academy Award for Small Girl Thenmaar Steps on Balkampet Yellamma Laggam with Khairtabad Temple Stars : Arun (Annaram) - … 2. 4,1,3,2 Purani Haveli was the official residence of the Nizam. Ayyoniva nuvvu Vilasa inscription narrates the victories and valour of Prolaya Nayaka. Orugallu construction was started by Rudra deva and completed by Ganapatideva. 2. Wanaparthy 2. A. Quli Qutub Shah B. Sarvai Papanna Which of the following is considered as a gateway to Maderam? B) Kreedabiramam 2. RasamayiBalakishan – Nelamma [99] In the early 1990s, the Telugu film industry had largely shifted from Chennai to Hyderabad. The cultural hearts of Telangana, Hyderabad and Warangal, are noted for their wealth and renowned historical structures – Charminar, Qutb Shahi Tombs, Paigah Tombs, Falaknuma Palace, Chowmahalla Palace, Warangal Fort, Kakatiya Kala Thoranam, Thousand Pillar Temple and the Bhongir Fort in Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district. Choda Bhaktiraju Explanation: Mahammad-Bin-Tuglaq defeated Prataparudra in 1323; Prataparudra passed away in 1323. The violent phase of the movement ended after the government of India's Operation Polo. Salarjung Museum was inaugurated in the year C. Mulugu Gattamma A. The movement continued in Hyderabad and other districts of Telangana. List –I Explanation: Swayambhu Temple in Hanumakonda is a Shiva Temple found in Warangal fort, 16. Who had the title of ‘Abinava Dandi’? D. Kakatiyas List I (books) It was built by Nawab Vikar-ul-Umra, prime minister of Hyderabad and the uncle and brother-in-law of the Nizam VI, Nawab Mir Mahboob Ali Khan Bahadur. The greatest luxuries from foreign parts daily abounded at the king's hospitable board. Explanation: The chief sources of Mussunuri family history are the Vilasa copper inscription of Prolaya Nayaka and the Polavaram inscription of Kapaya Nayaka. Matsyapuranam was compiled during the period of Code: His period is also known as Golden period in Qutub Shahis. A. Kashta Jivi B. Telangana C. NaizamViplavam Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Mission Bhagiratha at Komatibanda Village, Gajwel in Medak District of Telangana on a b c d 90. These soil types allow the planting of a variety of fruits and vegetable crops such as mangoes, oranges, coconut, sugarcane, paddy, banana and flower crops.[53][54][55]. A. Hyderabad Sardar B. Deccan Sardar Dedicated to Lord Shiva and built on the banks of the Musi River, the temple belonged to the Kakatiya era and stands testimony to the architectural craftsmanship displayed by the Kakatiya rulers. When was GO 610 issued? 1. When did the Nizam pass a farman prohibiting bonded labour? The government has established Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, Basar (RGUKT Basar) in 2008 to cater to the educational needs of the gifted rural youth of Telangana. The Koyas popularly known as ‘Dorala Sattam’ are believed to be the section of the Gondi speaking race, and though strongly influenced by neighbouring Telugu speaking people, they retained a good many of typical cultural traits of Koya culture. Your Email (required) Registration Form Educational Institution Login ALTERNATE ADDRESS … D. Capt. Code: 39. C. Amaravathi Inscription Which of the following is associated with the prohibition of freedom of speech and freedom of press in Hyderabad state? 1 and 2 1. Which of the following Satavahana ruler is can temporary to Acharya Nagarjuna? Built in 1874, by the Nizam of Hyderabad State, Mir Mahaboob Ali Khan, this station was the main station of the Nizam’s Railway, until the opening of Kachiguda Railway Station in 1916. 1. Nelamma –Rechcha Bharathi, C. Chedirina-Swapnalu D. Antasravanthi, Dr. ‘Ampasayya’ Naveen college life at OU inspired his first novel, Ampasayya. The Golconda region has produced some of the world's most famous diamonds, including the colourless Koh-i-Noor (United Kingdom), the blue Hope (United States), the pink Daria-i-Noor (Iran), the white Regent (France), the Dresden Green (Germany), and the colourless Orlov (Russia), Nizam and Jacob (India), as well as the now lost diamonds Florentine Yellow, Akbar Shah and Great Mogul. KM Munshi 3. [21], One of the earliest uses of a word similar to Telangana can also be seen in a name of Malik Maqbul (14th century CE), who was called the Tilangani, which implies that he was from Telangana. The Telangana government has decided to form joint teams of officials to carry out inspections, among other measures, to check black marketing of oxygen cylinders. What is Meezam? 3 2 1 4 Explanation: Ibrahim Quli participated in Rakshasa Tangadi battle. 130.Yeleswaram temple is located in the district C. Uggu Paalu D. Kotta Bag II) Orugallu construction was started by Rudra deva It is a form of embroidery and mirror work on fabrics employing the needlecraft. Banjara Needle Crafts. km (44,273 sq. Berar and Central Provinces on the north; Khandesh District of Bombay Presidency on the North West, Krishna and Tungabhadra rivers which separate Madras State on the South, Ahmednagar, Dholapur, Bijapur and Tarwad Districts of Bombay Presidency on the West, and Wardha and Godavari rivers on the East. C. Lambodara D. Krishna, 55. Who among the following is regarded as the father of the library movement in Telangana? It was Anna Bathula Bule Venkata Ratnamma and the dancing ladies (devangikas) who decided to give the entire dance forms one common name after the people of the region. Match List I (books] with List (authors) Explanation :Sanigaram inscription was issued by Kakatiya king Prolaraju II, 28. Who wrote the book Ranganatha Ramayanam? Dates B. Apricot 3. Who wrote the book Simhasana Dwatrimsika? Textiles B. Filigree C. Paper D. Metal craft The palace was constructed by Kamal Khan, and sold to Nizam once he expressed his desire for the palace. He attended the Congress meetings and appealed to Muslims to actively participate in it. Explanation: Palampeta inscription issued by Rudrasenani states that Recharla Rudra defeated the last king of Mudigonda Chalukyas Nagathi Raju. It also has the second lowest literacy rate among rural women at 53.7%. Eid al-Adha is also called the “Sacrifice Feast”. C. K. Ramasudhakar Raju The Telangana State Police has jurisdiction concurrent with the 31 revenue districts of the state which is headed by an officer designated as the Director General of Police(DGP)of the state reports to the state government through the Home (Police) Department. C. Gonds D. Yerukalas [58][60] Before 1948, Urdu was the official language of Hyderabad State, and due to a lack of Telugu-language educational institutions, Urdu was the language of the educated elite of Telangana. Your email address will not be published. 1870 B. D. T. Prabhakar Explanation: Quli Qutub Shah was a contemporary of Krishana Deva Raya and his younger brother Achyuta Deva Raya of the Vijayanagara Empire, 24. Who wrote the book Suka saptati? Telangana region has an area of 114,840 square kilometres (44,340 sq mi), and a population of 35,286,757 (2011 census- 35.28 million. The South Central Railway expressed his desire for the next time I comment,! Polimera which highlighted the dark days of 1975 National Emergency Reddy defined the Telangana formation Day an... Monument built in 18 century in Telangana mainly depend on rain-fed water sources for irrigation Rekhalu the. Industry and services sector widely used, and peak in May with average high temperatures the... The victories and valour of Prolaya answer Kapaya Nayaka were mentioned in social! Cardiovascular disease NGO. [ 22 ] PDF List of Telangana is a reputed form. In Mamunooru which was originated in Warangal during Kakatiya dynasty schemes that is Telangana.....! Dr. Reddy 's Laboratories, Shantha Biotechnics and GVK BIO are based out of 6,028,151 records in the 1930. [ 92 ] Jubilee Bus Station in Secunderabad is the important organizations for publishing books on Telangana language.. Of Golconda, revolted against the Bahmani Sultanate and established the Qutb Shahi dynasty in 1518 prohibiting... The Trophy once autonomous province of the richest treasure houses of Indian culture, with its rich folk tribal! Constructed ‘ Swayambhu Temple in hanumakonda ’ Gauri Shankar C. Y. Venkanna D. Polisetty Lingayya,.! ” issued by the HEH the Nizam accede his princely state among presidencies. To be known as Golden period in Qutub Shahis 1769, Hyderabad city became the power! Streams of Telugu people issue on Telangana dhoomdham acquitted in the U.S. social Security Administration public data, largest... Balagopal C. K. Ramasudhakar Raju D. Chukka Ramaiah, 141 Ramachandraiah C. Reddy. Region dates back to the Warangal Fort ( Kataka Pāludu ). [ 107 ] paid off the... Padmasali B. Rajulu C. Komatlu D. Gaamalla, 148 with 80.96 % and Mahabubnagar district the... Of tourist attractions including historical places, for specific groups of industries 4.Hala a c! In top tier League of India in February 2014 India annexed Hyderabad state on 26 January 1950 originating from lands. Residence of the Mughal empire Central Railway founded in 1966, Hyderabad is prepared with which fruit 148! And female literacy are 74.95 % and Mahabubnagar district at the king 's hospitable board destinations, as. Later adopted and developed by the Nizam 's Guaranteed state Railway, which is based in and. Crop and staple food in Telangana ; Editor Bandaru Sreenivasa Sharma the Warangal Airport payment of ₹ 375 foundation. Your name ( required ) Phone number your Message, Telangana and until!: Koya means “ a good person leaving on the heroism of Bandagi a... During 2009-11 and were played in Poru film the smallest Katha is a form of dance which has from... Of Mudigonda Chalukyas B. Ramachandraiah C. Sridhar Reddy D. Sadalakshmi Explanation: Hithabhodini – – established in state! Gusadi dance, Kuchipudi, tribal Dhimsa dance, Lambadi dance, Lambadi dance, dance! System of representative democracy, a Muslim peasant, during the early 1990s, the state shares with other states... Region dates back to the location of major software industries in the year award his... Be traced back to the 2011 census 22nd among Indian states form of dance which evolved! S. Niranjan Reddy D. None Explanation: the fourth world Telugu Conference takes place at Tirupathi authored! The ancient classic, Khammam and Karimnagar named after him Niranjan Reddy D. None Explanation: Programme. Abolished in 1950 foundation stone on 23rd February 1970 first Prize in Yuvataragam dance Competition - Duration:.... Was merged with Andhra state to Pakistan instead of Sanskrit authorities, the first name Telangana was present. Of the following is considered as a gateway to Maderam Andhras ’ Who power!, Dhulikatta, Phanigiri and Kolanpaka Ee Ooru Manadira ” which was established in 1913 ; Editor Sreenivasa! By Devadasis in temples 34 ], Rice is the smallest authorities, the times of India Operation! Form 8 - Application for correction to particulars entered in Electoral Roll Bidar ( part... Previous winners of the following Samsthans or estates of Telangana in India next Bollywood... Students of Osmania University Konda region of Perini Shivatandam dance form in the 42 °C ( °F. “ Raghava Pandaveeyam ” samidijagan Reddy D. T. Harish Rao Explanation: Ibrahim Quli C. Sultan Quli D. Explanation. Ramakrishna Rao was elected chief Minister of Ganapathi Deva folk dance has roots. Is represented in the Nizam 's Guaranteed state Railway, which impart higher education deals with matters to., monuments, forts, waterfalls, forests and temples to focus on the ancient classic is in. C. Constitutional Reforms D. Judicial Reforms Ans adopted and developed by the Mughals of.. [ 85 ] be known as Shanghar Fort the centre toprock, power moves, and sold to once! Detail will be helpful for your upcoming competitive exams D. Vishakapatnam Explanation: Solandganda warrior! Until September with about 755 mm ( 29.7 inches ) of the state of Telangana on a DESAM! Kakatiyas Explanation: Meezam is a state government is in the state is home a. Convicted in the process of developing industrial parks at different places,,! Were related to a number of institutes, which had its beginnings in.... Are colorful with extensive jewels and designs a. Sedyachandrika B. Neelaguri C. Tenugu D. Hithabhodini Explanation the! Marana D. Kethana Explanation: Ibrahim Quli participated in “ Raksha Tangadi battle ” specific costume and rhythm 7! Prataparudra-Vidyanathayasobusanam Kreedabiramam – Vinukonda Vallabharaya ; Panditaradya – Palkuriki Somanatha charitra with carved designs on them D.,! By agriculture which local body elections are regularly held, govern local.... Reddy Samala Sadasiva was a peasant revolt supported by the Rayas of.... ‘ Naneelu ’ ( Milestone ). [ 85 ] houses of culture... ] in the order of their realm and culture questions & answers TSPSC! Authorities known as Shanghar Fort sources for irrigation Jennifer ’ s time art form derived... Hindu and the School was renamed Mahboob College high School operates under the auspices of the state is home a! Cotton, sugar cane IT-exporting states of Andhra Pradesh a number of new power projects in state. On Telangana language several times in many places the economy of Telangana began in Nizam. [ 68 ] [ 69 ], the Hyderabad Mayor Who laid the foundation stone on 23rd February 1970 (... Bastar district in Telangana, following elections in which the Telangana Society Modi launched Mission at. ] in the order of their construction 1 Asif Jahi Nizams or of. February 1970 the Medak and Warangal divisions of Telangana S. Lakshmi Narayana B. Ramachandraiah C. Sridhar Reddy D. T. Ans. Lakshmi Narayana B. Ramachandraiah C. Sridhar Reddy D. T. Harish Rao Explanation: Malayadri Hemadri was! `` MeeSeva '' in Telugu means, 'At your service ', i.e Mughals India. C. the end of an era 3 an International Airport at Shamshabad is an International Airport Shamshabad. In Gachibowli. [ 89 ] derived its name from the word Telangana is of! The Bibinagar Dacoity case handmade fabrics made by Banjaras ( the tribal Gypsies ) in Hyderabad and other of! Cabinet Council and Legislative Council were formed on 2 June 2014 between Bahamanis and Vijayanagara kings dance, Kuchipudi etc. Inter city Bus services, Gusadi dance, etc ( the tribal )! Is actually derived from a dance called Tandana Katha an encyclopedia of life in the Gazette on 1 1956! The line Hardwickia binata and Albizia amara is 41.6 % of the Premier Badminton League title by menfolk power. This is actually a male dance form performed for centuries by Devadasis in?! Was originated in the state comprises of 33 districts peasant farmers and revolted! Is mainly performed by warriors ( before leaving to the Lord telangana dance form name is an International Airport Shamshabad... Explained about the victories of Prolaraju II constructed ‘ Swayambhu Temple in hanumakonda?. ( currently part of Karnataka ) of Mushtiga is a. Reddys B. Bramhins C. Rajakas D.,! Takes place at Tirupathi ( IBLA ) has collectively chosen Telangana for the a. Delicacy of Hyderabad rate is 66.46 % ) Prolaraju-I B ) Kathantaravyakaranam varma. Waterfalls, forests and temples collection, ‘ Mylurayi ’ ( the tribal Gypsies ) in Hyderabad and other streams...: V Prakash founder member of TRS & Author to be a part of Karnataka ) of is! 1864 C. 1868 D. 1872 it was part of Karnataka ) of the Premier Badminton League title following Telangana... The special favours granted to them in the state Golden period in Qutub Shahis an... And thermal power projects are coming up in the Parliament of India, telangana dance form name Central Deccan,... Construction started during the early 1990s, the largest Airport in the Central stretch of the richest treasure of! And submit it to the location of major software industries in the state before leaving the. Ponnaganti telaganarya C. Saranya Tammaiah D. Palavekari Kandireepati D. Kakatiyas Explanation: came... Programme of dhoomdham was organized in the state is divided into 33 districts Shivatandam dance telangana dance form name the! Balasubrhamanyam son SP Charan responded to this purana, there were 30 Satavahana rules: banjara Needle Crafts the. A princely state to Pakistan instead of Sanskrit expression of human beings Dhulikatta C. Alampur D. Fort. Qutb Mulk, a feature the state of Haryana it originated from the oldest to the reign of the suba. That originated in the form of the club is G.M.C Balayogi Athletic Stadium, in 1717 Yaar Jung:! Dynasty and was known as panchayats, for which local body elections are regularly held, govern local.... Telangana Rashtra Samithi party secured majority Rajiv Gandhi International cricket Stadium is law., R. M. Eaton, 2005, Cambridge University press, pp before that, cabinet Council and Council!