You also need a foot or two of insulated copper wire and a power source, such as a D-cell battery or a low-voltage transformer that you can plug into an outlet. Making the Virtual Magnets:- The virtual magnets are the ones that borrow magnetic properties from the permanent magnets. It should now be magnetized and attract the filings, even when the power is off. A method of making a nanocomposite permanent magnet is provided. A generally rectangular permanent magnet is disposed in the magnet slot, the magnet slot of each lamination being shaped so as to receive the rectangular permanent magnet through all the skewed laminations with a minimum air gap. Same can be done with balloons or the paper pieces as well. Divided Touch Method: Keep the bar which is to be magnetized on a top of two permanent magnets. Offset this current loss by increasing the voltage, either by changing the setting on the transformer or by using a larger battery. To magnetize the nail, wrap the wire around it, forming as many coils as you can. The magnetic properties means the behaviors that the magnetic stuff shows towards them, which means it either gets attracted or gets repelled and in case you need to know how all these types of magnets are build, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here for this purpose. Electrons have spin, which gives each atom a small magnetic field. Permanent magnets are usually made from steel while temporary magnets are made from iron. You need a rod made of steel, iron or some other material that can be magnetized. It turns out that if you have the right type of metal rod and enough electrical power, electromagnetic induction can turn the rod into a strong permanent magnet. Henry, the 18th century American physicist, is known – together with Michael Faraday – as the father of electrical technology, so it's no surprise that one of the methods he describes uses electricity. Test the nail by holding it over some iron filings. The disadvantage of this method is that it produces magnets in which one pole is nearer the end of the magnetized material than the other.this can be avoided by use of the double stoke method. A method of making a permanent magnet field compact DC motor, the method comprising: fixing a pair of rare earth magnets composed of rare earth-iron based rapidly quenched and solidified flakes to a soft magnetic frame, so that the pair of rare earth magnets extend along an inner peripheral surface of said soft magnetic frame, and Magnets are the substances with magnetic properties. Take some permanent magnet and attach it to some iron nail, the iron nail will now have the magnetic properties and when this iron nail will be touched to the other iron nails, the magnetic properties in the iron nail because of the permanent magnet will attract the other iron nails as well. This very fine powder is chemically reactive, capably of igniting spontaneousl… In double stroke method, the material e.g.